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We believe that each program should be tailored so your child can meet their highest potential.

Our program is based on the belief that even though an individual may not have the ability to fluently communicate they still can learn. We strive to seek out each individuals potential by creating lessons made to challenge and enlighten the student. We believe that all children should have the opportunity to learn and be exposed to all educational subjects, no matter what academic level they are at.
Understanding that each individual learns differently we focus and target areas of difficulty to help your child progress to reach new skills which will enhance the quality of their life, behaviorally and academically.  There is no time limit for learning so we work at your child’s pace creating new lessons and goals at a progressive rate. As your child learns academically they will also be taught skills to work independently. This will help others to observe what the student has learned and show their level of academic accomplishment.  This is a key element to our program so that the student receives full acknowledgment for their efforts.

All behavioral intervention services are provided separate from tutoring. This program is focused on communication, social, self-help, and parent training.

We understand that your child at times may have behaviors which interfere with their overall learning. Our staff is trained to teach and handle any behaviors which may occur during your child’s tutoring session

All programs require a consult with the parent and the child prior to their first session. There is not a fee for initial consultation.

Services Available: 

· One-on-One Tutoring

    · Group: 2 or more in group

    · Behavioral Intervention

    · Assessments

    · Progress Reports

    · Consultation In-Home/Phone





Currently all services are offered in home or authorized site. 





Quality Autism Services
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