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Elementary Learners

Our Elementary program is for children 6-12 years of age. This program focuses on teaching your child basic academic skills at your child’s current level.


·        WritingText types and purpose

       Production and distribution of writing

       Research to build and present knowledge



·        Speaking and ListeningComprehension and collaboration

resentation of Knowledge and Ideas

·        LanguageConventions of Standard English

                   Knowledge of Language

ocabulary Acquisition and Use  

·        Reading Key ideas and details

                Craft and structure 

                Range of reading and level of text complexity 

                    Integration of knowledge and ideas

  • Print concept- Phonological awareness

                              Phonics and word recognition


·        Mathematics-Counting and Cardinality

           Operations and Algebraic Thinking

           Number and Operations in Base Ten

           Measurement and Data


           Number and Operations—Fractions

Quality Autism Services works with the family to find the best fit for our elementary age students. These students can be tutored in a group or individually. If students choose to work in a group setting both academic ability and age level are considered in finding an appropriate group.  

Our staff are all trained to work academically and behaviorally with students of any level. Expressive and receptive skills are incorporated into all lessons on a functional age appropriate basis.

All programs require a consult with the parent and the child prior to their first session. There is no charge for initial consultation. 








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